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Eat your way around the world at Epcot

Eat your way around the world at Epcot

Of all of the parks in Walt Disney World, Epcot has the largest selection of restaurants, with delicacies from countries all across the globe from French Boeuf Bourguignon to German sausage platters or Chinese chicken dumplings. So it’s not surprising that one of the favourite things to do here is to “eat your way around the world”!

There’s a LOT of food to choose from, so here are my favourite places to sample global cuisine at Epcot:

Food at Epcot’s World Showcase

When hunger strikes, World Showcase should be your first port of call. With 11 pavilions based on different countries from around the world, even the pickiest eaters will find something they like.

Moroccan delights at Tangierine cafe

Located in the Morocco Pavilion, this counter service location serves wraps, Kefta sandwiches and Shawarma platters with lamb and chicken. You can also try one of my personal favourite desserts on Disney World property, the baklava.

Moroccan Baklava at Tangierine cafe

Classic American Food at Liberty Inn

You can find this great restaurant in the American Adventure. Choose from a range of burgers, hot dogs, and even steak makes its way onto the menu which is unusual for a counter-service restaurant.

Traditional British Fish and Chips at Yorkshire County Fish Shop

The fish and chips here are excellent and well worthy of comparison to the best local fish shop in the UK. However I must admit that I often skip the United Kingdom pavilion unless one of Epcot’s festivals is on, simply because it feels too much like home!

The BEST Canadian Steaks and more at Le Cellier

If you were to ask me on my number one place to eat at Epcot, Le Cellier in the Canadian Pavilion would be it. Why? Not only do they serve some of the best steaks I’ve ever tasted, but the salty pretzel bread they serve before your meal is to die for!

You can’t go wrong with the mussels or famous Canadian cheddar cheese soup to kick off your meal and the filet mignon is always a great bet for an entree. As for dessert, look no further than the delicious chocolate whisky trifle.

This is also one of the few Disney restaurants that serve chocolate martinis – a guilty pleasure of mine when on vacation!

chocolate whisky trifle at Le Cellier
The fabulous Chocolate Whisky Trifle at Le Cellier

Viva Mexico (and a Volcano!) at San Angel Inn

The atmosphere alone is enough of a reason to come to this restaurant – but the food is great too! Located inside the Mexican Pavilion, San Angel overlooks the river and ‘active’ volcano on the Grand Fiesta Tour attraction, so you can watch the boats go past while you eat. The restaurant is also in a permanent state of twilight thanks to being inside the pavilion itself.

San Angel Inn proudly serves traditional Mexican food like Mole Poblano, Peto en salsa poblana and Chile relleno.

Parisian Cuisine at Chefs de France

Those that have been to Paris will know just how good the food is, and Chefs de France does well at replicating a restaurant in the heart of Paris.

If you want to sample traditional French food like Escargot (snail) and French onion soup, this is the place for you. Other favourites include duck breast with cherries, boeuf bourguignon for entrees and creme brûlée for dessert.

Food at Future World

At Epcot, you don’t even need to stick with planet earth; why not head out of this world and grab some food from Future World??

VERY Local Produce at Sunshine Seasons & Garden Grill

If you want food that’s grown in a Future World, you’ve got it! Both of these eateries source a lot of their ingredients from the greenhouses in the neighbouring”Living with the Land” attraction.

Sunshine Seasons serves a range of different foods; the oak-grilled salmon is excellent, as is the Mongolian beef. Plus it would be crazy to deny anything ‘key lime’ when in Florida, and their key lime tart is a great way to round off a lunch or light dinner.

Sunshine Seasons Food Fair
The Sunshine Seasons Food Fair

Garden Grill has the added benefits of being an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, and also a great place to meet Chip, Dale, Pluto and even Mickey Mouse!

Chip 'n' Dale at Garden Grill, Epcot Future World
You can meet Chip ‘n’ Dale at Garden Grill

Epcot Food & Wine Festival: Taste Your Way around the World in Style

Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival takes place every autumn and is my favourite event at Walt Disney World. This year’s festival includes over 30 booths, each themed to a different country. Some of the countries featured this year include Australia, Mexico, China, Poland, Scotland and South Korea.

Each booth has around 2-3 different bite-size food options to choose from as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages which are traditional to that particular country.

Tip: If you are using the Disney Dining Plan I would strongly advise saving up your snack credits as each food item at the festival can be redeemed as a snack on the plan!

Epcot Food & Wine Festival
Epcot Food & Wine Festival

I have only really scratched the surface of food at Epcot and there is far more to eat, drink and sample throughout the park. What’s your favourite?

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Ryan travels to Florida at least once a year and has been visiting since he was just 3 years old! He is a theme park nut who co-runs Theme Park Trader; a community designed for theme park goers from around the world (though admittedly focuses a lot on Florida). He also co-hosts the Theme Park Trader Podcast , which is released weekly.
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